How to add transparency to an image

So you got your mate or someone to design you a logo, or maybe you made it yourself but now you are stuck with a white block around the image limiting its design possibilities.  Relax, don’t despair!!!! Designer-Dragonfly magic is right at hand and we will guide you step by step…  come along then, pull up a chair and lets do this together..

First…  the magic wand… GIMP!!!


Here is your gorgeous logo, but as you can see, you have a white block around the image, and that’s NOT what you want!!  So let’s get to it….

Open up your image in GIMP

1.  Go to “layers” on your toolbar, go down to “transparency” and then click on “add Alpha channel”


2.  Then on your toolbar, select the “fuzzy select tool” 


3. Now click on the white background that you want to remove, and press “delete” and voila… the white background is now gone, and now you will see a grey checked background ;-D may notice that some white parts have remained between the letters.  Simply click on the remainder white areas you wish to remove and delete.

4.  Now we are going to save your image.  Click on “File” then  “Save as”

5. Name your image and give it a .PNG extension in order to save the transparent background!!

6. Click on “Save” and make sure that the “save background colour” box is checked and click on “save”


7.  Simple as that….. you now have your beautiful logo, without the background colour, that you can now proudly display on your website!!  Well Done!! Thank you and hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



How to remove the background of an image

So you have taken a photo of your car but the background is less than impressive ;-(  so what do you do?  Move the car to a nice scenic area?  NO WAY, that’s just crazy!!

It is actually very easy, yes it is, don’t look at the screen looking so dubious…yes, I can see you frowning!  What if I told you, you can do it, without having to be a software editing guru or have any knowledge of it whatsoever and without having to spend a fortune.  And best of all, you don’t even need to get off your comfy chair.  Come a little closer and I will whisper a little secret in your ear.  Closer!! I said closer!!  Ever heard of GIMP??  No, not PIMP you noob, GIMP!!  Yes you can pimp up your photos with it, but it’s called GIMP.  Right, now, I’m going to make a cuppa, in the meantime go onto the internet and download GIMP.  GIMP is an open source program it’s basically like Photoshop, but just free and easy for noobs like me to use without having to do a course on it;-D

Once you have it downloaded, open the culprit image that is giving you all these headaches and afterwards you can go and brag to your partner and awesomely awesome you are and how you can play magic and make things disappear ;-D

1.  Now that you have the image open, click on the “free select tool” (the one that looks like a lasso)

2.  If you are anything like me, and need things to be really big, simply go to



And pick a percentage zoom to your liking. I have mine zoomed to 100%

3.  Now hover your cursor over the image and you will notice that your cursor has now changed to a little knotted loop rope.


4.  Click at the point where you want to start removing the background and keep clicking all the way around the outline of your image.  The straighter the image, the less you will need to click and the more rounded or shaped it is, the more you will have to click to get a nice clean cut image.  You should be seeing a line as you continue clicking and outlining around the image.

5.  If your entire image does not fit on the screen due to having zoomed in, simple move the image by clicking on the little scrolling wheel on your mouse, keep it pressed in and then move your image.

6.  Continue working your way around the entire image until you come back to your starting point.  Make sure you click exactly on the same starting point in order to end the selection.


7.  Now simple “CTRL + C” to copy your image

8 Open a new file – “File” – “new”

9.  “CTRL + V” to paste your selected image

10. And voila…. There you have your image without the offensive background… ;-D


Now you can go and brag at how amazingly awesome you are… I promise I wont tell who taught you, it will be our little secret, just you and me! Promise!